NPS 2011, Siemens demonstrated the solution for the expansion of clinical use in nuclear cardiology

In recognition of its differentiation characteristics of the market, Siemens has recently received the Award of excellence of product differentiation, Nuclear Cardiology, North America, 2011, an industry analyst group Frost & Sullivan.IQ SPECT provides better value for patients, medical facilities, and cardiologists and is the ideal solution for the hospital in cardiology imaging needs. It ‘been shown to reduce radiotracer doses up to 50 percent, a decrease in the amount of radiation to the patient, and the potential cost savings and greater access for the supply of radiopharmaceutical for medical institutions. IQ uses SPECT collimators SmartZoom, which focus on the heart, until the collection are four times more than conventional large-bore, parallel-hole collimator, the acquisition of cardio-centric orbit, which ensures that the heart is always in SmartZoom views is sweet spot or area of ‚Äč‚Äčenlargement, as opposed to the mechanical center of the porch, and, finally, a unique 3D reconstruction algorithm that models the position of each of the 000-hole collimator 48 of each detector, allowing the state of ‘Art isotropic remote employee resolution dispersion of recovery, the attenuation correction CT , and energy-based correction window.

Despite the benefits conferred by the clinical decision-making procedures, cardiac SPECT market has faced difficult situations that have led to a significant change in the context of traditional service, said Sangeetha Prabakar, industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. IQ With SPECT, Siemens has provided a solution that takes into account the sensitivities generated by the reimbursement of costs is decreased and the relative scarcity of the radiopharmaceutical. Using an approach to field-upgradeable to provide high quality images in almost one quarter of the time conventional SPECT, Siemens has clearly demonstrated its leadership in this space.

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