Now the common cures’ Hepatitis C

A new report shows that patients infected with C may not only be successfully treated by the best medical care, but can also be treated.When we get SVR, less than 1 percent of the patients contracted the virus at home, tells WebMD. We know that the virus will not return in a year or two or three. These patients are cured. Not everyone responds

Up to seven years after treatment, 99 percent of patients successfully treated almost 1000 showed no evidence of hepatitis C virus .

He added that about 70 percent of Americans are infected with genotype 1, a genetic type of the disease tends to be less sensitive to the treatment of other genotypes.

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center Chief of Hepatology Mitchell Shiffman, MD, presented data from monitoring in Washington on Monday at Digestive Disease Week, an annual meeting of specialists in diseases of the liver and stomach in the world.

We must begin to identify infected persons earlier so they can be treated earlier, he said. It ‘true that about half of patients can be treated with currently available treatments. Virus Won t Come Back

Vierling said he was confident that a multi for the treatment of HCV, similar to the method that has transformed HIV from a uniformly fatal disease largely manageable, can improve treatment outcomes for a large number of patients.

These treatments include a version of the long-acting drug called pegylated interferon and the antiviral drug ribavirin.

Patients who respond very quickly, may not need to be treated longer, while those who respond slowly may need a longer treatment – up to 1.5 years for low responders.

New drugs may allow us to use existing treatments at low doses or for shorter periods, he said. The future looks bright.

I also agree that the long-awaited new treatments could improve cure rates in the years to come.

Bacon, who directs the division of hepatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, said many patients – and also their family doctors – still do not understand that HCV infection can be cured.

Hepatitis C is caused by hepatitis C, which is transmitted by contact with infected blood. HCV infection is the leading cause of cirrhosis, and the United States. About 4 million Americans are infected, but only about a quarter of them know they have the virus, hepatitis treatment expert John Vierling, MD, tells WebMD.

All but eight patients were still free of the virus from the average of four years after treatment. Some patients were followed for the duration of seven years.

Two of the eight patients showed evidence of a second HCV infection, and it was not clear whether the other five were in relapse or reinfection.

Phase II studies of highly specific drugs that affect HCV are currently in progress, and Bacon said they could be approved within two to three years.