Not to other animal sounds.

An area near the left temple responded significantly more than in the same area on the right only monkey calls, not to other animal sounds, human voices or various other sounds. The researchers published their results in the 29th Nature January 2004. – Because in the left temporal lobe and specialized for Lute just is it fascinating bears similarities with human language, says Mishkin. Assuming this is an adaptive mechanism, it suggests that sounds are decoded better are processed instead of just two from a temporal poles. .

This suggests that monkey calls normally stimulate interactions between brain hemispheres that suppress the corresponding right temporal lobe area, focusing auditory processing in the left panel. The study ‘Our results open up of of characterizing such neuronal responses in a cortical region of the monkey, which is not only a higher order auditory processing area, but be a precursor be a precursor for an acoustic language area in humans,’note the researchers. – ‘This study provides neuroscientists with new biological clues for studying how communication is developed,’said Poremba, who left NIMH a few years ago and is now at the University of Iowa.Annotated the project Nicola Russell, Director of Services of Microsoft Trust, said: ‘This road produced in consultation with all of major political parties and we are confident that it is the key the successful commissioning Future have We are thankful especially. This that Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Nursing, Pathways for Health, commissioners, health professionals and the MS Society for their help in the production ‘. But warned that THC stopped use stored fat for a long while.

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