Newly diagnosed myeloma can be treated with the lower dose of dexamethasone

The results indicate that only 79 % of 214 patients treated with high-dose therapy and 68 % of the 205 patients at low dose had a complete or partial response within four cycles. But in the second interim analysis after one year overall survival was 96 % in the low dose of dexamethasone compared to 87 % in high-dose group. Accordingly, the trial was stopped and patients receiving high doses were crossed on low-dose therapy. A total of 117 of patients receiving high doses were grade 3 or worse toxic effects in the first four months. Against the 76 of 220 patients in the diagram at low doses for which toxicity data were availableAll patients in this randomized controlled trial has been treated, symptomatic myeloma. After completing four cycles, patients may discontinue therapy after stem cell transplantation or continue treatment until disease progression. The primary endpoint was response rate after four cycles. It ‘was evaluated according to the European group for blood and the criteria for bone marrow transplantation.

Angiogenesis is the process of the body to produce new blood vessels. Tumors need new blood vessels to grow and spread. But drugs that block the formation of new blood vessels can cut the blood supply of tumors “- we hope to kill them.