New invention saves energy, health, climate

The invention may be useful for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, the elderly and children. Although cigarette smoking is neutralized by the patented invention. In a real world test 40 different compounds were removed from a new office building at the University of Copenhagen, within walking distance of the device.The research will be presented July 7 at the annual scientific meeting of the Society of Academic Primary Care, organized this year by the Academic Unit of Primary Health Care, University of Bristol.

With the clean Professor Matthew Johnson of the University of Copenhagen has created a device that cuts building energy use up to 25 percent. Save the energy that is good news for homeowners, and even better for the new climate. Clean, but it is more energy saving and CO2. It ‘also to ensure better health.

Prof. He realized that these processes can be put into buildings and can be used to clean the air in our homes and offices.

It would save energy.