National Wear Red Day Promotes Heart Disease Awareness Statewide

Deaths from heart disease and mortality rates in Alabama in 2007 were 11,761 dead, with 254.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. In Alabama, as in the nation, cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke, was the leading cause of death since 1938 and, together, account for about 40 % of all deaths. Nationally, Alabama has the death rate in the fourth row of heart disease and stroke seventh highest. One in three women dies of heart disease, and yet, according to the American Heart Association, only 21 % of women believe heart disease is their greatest health risk‘A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,’ said Dr. Donald Williamson, state health officer. ‘Women need to take charge of the health of the heart, and make the right choices that relate to the actual, physical activity, visits to doctors and their overall health, which are essential for a longer life. ‘

Researchers report new evidence that vaccination can be useful even after an outbreak has begun. Rita Reyburn, Dr. Lorenz von Seidlein, Dr. John Clemens and colleagues at the Vaccine Institute in Seoul, Korea analyze the impact that vaccination could have had recent outbreaks around the world in ‘The vaccinations If the reagent Mass Oral Cholera ‘, and Drs. ‘ Both studies found a benefit to vaccination, and an accompanying editorial by Dr. Edward T. Ryan Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, ‘the pandemic of cholera, still with us after half a century: time to rethink,’ said the importance of the works, especially in light of recent events in Haiti trio. publications appear Jan. 25 PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Open Access.

The Alabama Department of Public Health and the American Heart Association in collaboration Go Red for Women events include awareness of health information to Special Initiative populations of women in prison , and based on the faith of the community awareness African American / Latino statewide.

WHI-FI, a health education program and coordinated by the reference of women’s health in partnership with Aid to mothers held, is an initiative that aims to raise awareness on issues of women’s health, promoting styles healthy life, and assist women prisoners reconnect with health professionals in their local community. WHI-FI also supports the campaign ‘Go Red’ to promote awareness of heart disease among women in prison, three women in Alabama: Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, Montgomery Community Based Institution and Birmingham Centre from work for women.

The American Heart Association’s National Go Red for Women campaign encourages the public to wear red on Friday, February 5th ‘National Wear Red Day,’ and to show support for the fight against heart disease. National theme this year is ‘Our hearts.

Our Choice’, and suggests that women improve their heart health and live stronger, longer life.