Muscular Dystrophy Association is renewing its partnership with the ALS Therapy Development Institute to develop treatments for Lou Gehrig’s disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disease that affects approximately 30,000 people in the United States at some point. ALS usually progresses rapidly, patients lose their ability to move, speak, swallow and eventually breathe on your own. There is currently no cure or effective treatment for ALS.Encouraged by the extraordinary progress made by the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the association announced today a new phase based grant $ 2.5 million, in addition to $ 18 million already invested MDA ALS TDI – only the world center for non-profit research focused exclusively on the development of treatments for . The funding comes from FTI MDA research funding ALS, Augie Quest, which has already provided $ 21.

Fitness pioneer Augie Nieto started Augie Quest in collaboration with MDA ALS Division. Nieto is co-founder and former president of Life Fitness of Chicago, and chairman of Octane Fitness. He and his wife, Lynne, serve as co-chairpersons of MDA’s ALS Division. Nieto received a diagnosis of ALS in March 2005, Augie and Quest raises funds primarily through a series of special events, including ‘Fight Night’ in Tustin, Calif. Patty Day Bash’ in Denver, CO, ‘Field of Hope Gala’ in New Jersey, ‘Secure Cure Golf Classic’ in Purchase , New York, ‘Golf Grand Canyon’ in Newport Beach, CA; ClubCorp Charity Classic to benefit The golf clubs nationwide, more ‘Club for a cure’ special visit to Augie Quest for Fitness and Bally Total Fitness locations throughout the country, and dozens of independent regional health clubs.

The renewed agreement announced today includes an initial milestone of 2.5 million, with mechanisms to add additional operations and borrowings under the discretion of the MDA Board of Directors. Progress towards the achievement of milestones will be evaluated quarterly by a review committee composed of representatives of both organizations and non-affiliated outside researchers recognized for their experience in ALS research.

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As a result, Quest Augie MDA was created in the Fast Track funding ALS research initiative to bridge the gap in drug development for ALS. Over the past four years, Augie Quest has raised $ 21.7 million for MDA-funded translational research seeking effective treatments for ALS. Significant scientific projects previously funded by Augie Quest are: Work at the University of California, Irvine Targeted Genetics Corporation in Phoenix and ALS TDI .

‘MDA has seen a huge return on investment in ALS TDI over the past three years. Thanks to the partnership of strategic research, scientists are accelerating knowledge SLA then for a number of promising therapeutic approaches. Rodney Howell, MD, chairman of the board of directors of the MDA.

‘The support and advice provided that the MDA ALS TDI researchers has led to some very exciting results. With this additional investment, we hope to reverse the trend of this disease and offer a variety of well-validated treatment options for clinical trials’, said Steven Perrin, Ph.

, CEO and Scientific Director of ALS TDI.