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The letter from the Department of Health and Human Services of the Gamida Cell – Teva Joint Venture stated sent: your request meets the criteria for Fast Track designation. Therefore, wewe are as a Fast Track development program the investigation of StemEx called adjuvant therapy to hematopoietic transformation of cord blood transplantation to 100 days post-transplant mortality improve improve in adults that the myeloablative therapy for high risk hematological malignancies here .

About StemExStemEx isolated a graft of stem / progenitor cells and expanded from a section of a single unit of cord blood and transplanted in combination with non – expanded cells of the same entity. StemEx is now being investigated in an international Phase III clinical trial at leading transplant centers in the U.S., Europe and Israel. StemEx has orphan drug designation in the U.S. And in Europe, in addition to long-term patent protection.

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