Modesto vitamin / mineral deficiencies can increase Age-Related Disease

4. Ames, BN The prevention of mutations, cancer, age and other diseases associated with optimizing the intake of micronutrients. Journal Special Issue nucleic acids: DNA damage, mutagenesis and DNA repair. doi: 10.The analysis, conducted by staff Scientist Chori partners, Joyce McCann, Ph.D.D. was designed to test the theory of ‘triage’ Dr. Ames provides a new basis for the determination optimal use of vitamins and minerals, by measuring the individual long-term damage associated with aging is insidious, and has important implications for preventive medicine. The analysis of selenium and strongly supports the theory was published in the March 2011 issue of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal. The analysis provides a coherent scientific basis for defining optimal vitamin and minerals that add credibility to the recommendations to improve the intake of micronutrients deficiencies in the American diet.

1. McCann & JM Ames BN Adaptive dysfunction selenoproteins in the context of the selection theory: Why modest selenium deficiency may increase the risk of diseases of aging. FASEB J 25: in press.

2. Providing micronutrients Ames B Low can accelerate the degenerative diseases of aging through allocation of scarce micronutrients by triage. Acad. Sciences, U.S.A., 103:17589-94.

The analysis of selenium is the second in a series of literature based on studies conducted by Drs. McCann and Ames test the basic premises of the theory of the triage triage with the construction of biological profiles of individual vitamins and minerals. A previous analysis of published data on vitamin K , also strongly supported the theory.

Analysis of Drs. If the results of vitamin K and selenium can be generalized to other vitamins and minerals, such as selection theory offers not only experts to develop recommendations for admission to the factory, but scientists are looking for trigger leads to diseases of the mechanistic ‘ aging should look for some micronutrients depends on the features that have escaped to the protection of the evolution of the deficit. A brief summary of the theory of selection and analysis of vitamin K has been published .

An analysis of the essential minerals selenium conducted by Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute , scientists suggest that an adequate intake of essential mineral selenium may help prevent age-related conditions such as malfunctioning immune, cardiovascular, and . Selenium is present in food plants if the soil has a sufficient amount, which is generally the case in the United States, but in some parts of China, Russia, and most of Western Europe.

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