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Micro Micro-2 research team even if newly developed, nanotechnology-based antimicrobial surfaces – by Dordick developed at Rensselaer – can help the growth of biofilms to slow down on Earth and in weightlessness If successful, these new antimicrobial surfaces one day be used in hospitals and spacecraft to help reduce the impact of biofilms on human health priligy click here .

The Micro-2 experiment of Cynthia Collins, assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Rensselaer to led, into orbit on the 14th May launch aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The microorganisms will spend a week in space before returning to Earth aboard the shuttle. Within just a few hours after the shuttle returns Collins will be able to examine the bacteria and resulting biofilms to see how their growth and development microgravity microgravity. The samples will to to Rensselaer, to consider with the core facilities the Institute Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies. – We know that gravity plays a crucial role in the development of biological systems, but we do not know exactly how a lack of gravity affects the development of bacteria and biofilms, said Collins. This means while certain bacteria may be harmless on Earth, they could pose a risk to the health of astronauts on the International Space Station , or one day, long space flights. Our aim weightlessness better understand how weightlessness the relationship between man bacterial bacteria acts find new ways find new ways to reduce the threat of biofilms spacecraft and its crew. .

6. Explain the storage of drugs and anesthetics access problems in the institutions.


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The Drug Enforcement Agency has not classified as a neuromuscular blocking agents or propofol controlled substances, so they are not monitored individually in many hospitals.

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