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Based on the United Nations, over 800 million people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water while a hefty 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation, the news headlines service writes. Without water, we can never fight hunger; without toilets in institutions, girls shall continue to drop out before finalising their education; and without adequate sanitation and hygiene, diseases shall continue steadily to spread, leading to increasing child mortality and poor maternal health, Anders Berntell, executive director of the Stockholm International Water Institute , the host and organizer of the global world Drinking water Week in Stockholm.The mean age group of the individuals was 23.3 years; 1214 were women, and 731 . Seventy participants did not complete all scheduled visits; the number of participants lost to follow-up did not vary significantly according to the study group . Reported Reactions The only local and systemic reactions which were reported by a lot more vaccine recipients than placebo recipients were arm soreness and runny nose or congestion . Critical Adverse Events Only 1 serious adverse event occurred within the first thirty days: hospitalization for depression and anxiety in a recipient of intranasal placebo.