Many obese adolescents more likely to be even greater than in adults

The 1 percent of adolescents were obese in 1996, 70. From 1996 to 2009 – from adolescence to adulthood – the researchers identified 703 new cases of severe obesity, the overall incidence of 7.9 percent. They also found a significantly higher proportion of adult patients with severe obesity were obese in adolescence. He also reported that minority racial / ethnic groups were more likely to be obese.The clinical implications of these trends are given for comorbidities and chronic disease associated with severe obesity. The results highlight the need for an intervention before adulthood to prevent the progression of obesity and severe obesity, which can reduce the incidence of severe obesity and its potentially fatal consequences.

The comments from friends and family that the boy will grow from its puppy fat is a myth – most likely will be more severely obese as an adult. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wrote in JAMA announced today that the risk of an adolescent to become even more severe obesity in adulthood is particularly high among girls, women and African- U.S. in particular.

The authors explained that brings with it a serious, real serious life-threatening complications.

‘Association of risk of adolescent obesity, severe obesity in adulthood’

L ‘, PhD; Chirayath Suchindran, PhD, Kari E. North, PhD, Barry M. Popkin, PhD, Penny Gordon-Larsen, Ph.D.

A significant %age of obese adolescents become obese from their 30 years, with significant variations by gender. Among individuals who were obese as adolescents, obesity is a serious incident was 37.1 % among men and 51.3 % among women. The incident severe obesity was higher among black women, 52.4 %.

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