Many Obama supporters plan to riot in the streets.

#10) You shouldn’t be stupid enough to actually make threats against anybody on your own Twitter feed or your Facebook page. The work of threatening a Presidential candidate is, of training course, a felony crime, and the ones who make this kind of threats on their own accounts should expect a visit from the U.S. Secret Assistance. Making such threats on the web only makes you appear to be a complete moron, providing yet more evidence to the other side that supporters of applicant X are all complete morons and therefore furthering the divide.There has to be clear evidence of significant impairment in public, academic, or occupational functioning, and the symptoms aren’t entirely due to another severe physical disorder or mental disorder . Inattention symptoms are likely to manifest at about 8 to 9 years of age and generally are lifelong in duration. The delay in onset of inattentive symptoms may reflect its more subtle nature and/or variability in the maturation of cognitive advancement.