Malnutrition in the community’s disease: study seeks volunteers

But Parkinson’s disease affects a large number of non-motor symptoms as well. People may have difficulty swallowing, lack of sense of smell and taste, lack of appetite and a requirement that you feel as soon as all. In addition , are quite common.Ms Sheard would like to hear from people with a good nutritional status, and those with a poorer nutritional status. He said he was part of his study to compare these two groups and to identify the differences between them.

For study participants, we will have two hours of consultation is the home of the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus, or person. It is a nutritional assessment, cognitive assessment, and some non-motor assessments looking at issues such as appetite and taste he said.

The authors, led by Raina M. Merchant, MD, MS, an assistant professor of emergency medicine, used three different approaches that involve the American Heart Association Get With the Guidelines information, a voluntary register of hospital resuscitation events to estimate the total number of treated cardiac arrests in U.S. hospitals each year

In my research I hope to talk to 150 people over 18 years with Parkinson’s disease. Based on my findings, I will be able to form an estimate of the rate of nutritional problems in people who have this condition, he said.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder. The characteristic symptoms of most people are familiar with motor symptoms, including tremor, said Jamie Sheard, who has started his PhD research at QUT’s Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovation .

Ms. Sheard said it was important to get to the bottom of this problem, such as malnutrition could greatly reduce a person’s functional capacity, immunity and quality of life. Yet, despite the existence of an estimated 55,000 people with the disease in Australia, said so far there were no dietary guidelines available to physicians to treat Parkinson’s patients.

If you are interested to participate in research Ms. Sheard can be contacted on 3138 6183 or jamie.

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