Male Menopause affects more than five million men

Treatment options for male hypogonadism include hormone replacement therapy , using absorbable implants granules, gels, topical patches and injections. With hormone replacement therapy, doctors can restore sexual function and muscle strength. In addition, men often experience increased energy and better overall sense of well-being.It is estimated that about 20 percent or more of women over the age of 45 take HRT, which may be in the form of estrogen alone or in combination with a progestin. The benefit of HRT is derived primarily from the effects that estrogen has on the body. However, taking estrogen alone is associated with a fivefold risk of uterine cancer, and therefore must be taken progestin in women who have undergone hysterectomy.

This disorder is not something that should be ignored, said Brannigan, who works to educate patients and physicians about symptoms and treatments available to ensure that treatments are available to people who need them.

We see more men with male hypogonadism, which we saw ten years ago, said Brannigan. However, many men continue to suffer in silence because of a lack of awareness around the disease. Because male hypogonadism can significantly affect the quality of life, it is important that men’s body-conscious and openly discuss their symptoms with doctor in order to avoid facing the cause and avoid losing an opportunity for appropriate treatment.

This is a very common disorder, said Robert Brannigan, MD, a urologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 95 % of cases are diagnosed and therefore untreated. When ignored, the symptoms can seriously disrupt the quality of life.

Brannigan continues to explain that at the age of seventy years, reducing the testosterone level of a man could be as high as fifty % or more compared to baseline levels, but notes that aging men are not the only ones risk. A number of genetic causes can have a male from birth and are usually diagnosed with a lack of progress normally through puberty to adolescence.

Once I started treatment, I felt better very quickly, said Andruzzi. My energy level shot back up, I was strengthened and felt I could not concentrate much better.

Brannigan explains the changes in hormones are a normal part of aging. In women, ovulation is nearing completion and decreases in hormone production in a relatively short time, while the experience human hormone moves more slowly, with lower testosterone levels about one per cent each year, Thirty years from a man, said Brannigan, who is also an associate professor of urology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Although research continues to determine the exact Association, doctors warn that male hypogonadism has been linked to a chronic disease like high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It ‘also closely associated with infertility.