Male infertility

Many persons associate automatically the infertility with the women, but it represents the male infertility for about 35 percent of all the cases of infertility.

Which are the causes of male infertility?

The greatest part of the causes of male infertility is attributed by them to anomalies with the sperm, the possible irregularity causes with the sperm include:

  • Low number of spermatozoa: higher is your number of spermatozoa, more possibilities are of conceiving. If there is a low count of the spermatozoa, the conception probabilities are reduced.
  • Decrease of the mobility: the spermatozoa are held to move in order to fertilise the ovule. If the spermatozoa have decreased in mobility, it will be more difficult for them of reaching the egg.
  • Sperm abnormally to shape: if the spermatozoa have a different shape of normal spermatozoa, this can influence their movement and this can make the fecundation more difficult.
  • Problems with the testicoli: the testicoli are responsible for the production of the spermatozoa. If there is a problem with the testicoli, this can influence the quality of the sperm and the quantity of sperm. A well-known condition how azoospermia obstructive can it cause also the infertility, in all that prevents to the sperm from reaching the sperm. Conditions as cancer to the testicoli, infections that strike the testicoli and the lesions to the testicoli can be contributed by it to the sterility. If you have undergone a surgical intervention on the testicoli, this can influence also the fertility.
  • Troubles of the ejaculation: these troubles can return difficult for the men of ejaculating, that can reduce the fecundation probability.
  • Ipogonadismo: this is a condition that is verified like consequence of a low level of testosterone. The testosterone plays an important list in the sperm production.

Taking certain types of medicines they can influence also the fertility. Medicines that are prescribed for the treatment of pathologies which the disease of Crohn and the arthritis reumatoide can reduce the number of spermatozoa, while the number of spermatozoa can strike the steroidi anabolizzanti and illegal drugs also. Treatment a long time term, as the chemotherapy can have also a negative effect on the fertility.

Life style, like drinking, smoking and eating a bad alimentation they can contribute also to the sterility, the smoke is well-known to reduce the number of spermatozoa and of drinking in regular way can influence the quality of the sperm. Doctors advise to the men not to drink any more than 3 alcoholic units in the day. The obesity and sexually broadcast infections can return also difficult for the couples to be conceived. Men with a BMI of further 29 weight is usually advised to lose if they are having problems to be conceived.