Malaria kills more than one million people each year

A steady stream of modeling studies have predicted that malaria worsen and the offer will spread as the world gets warmer . Malaria kills more than one million people each year, mainly young children and pregnant women, with about 2.4 billion people at risk of the deadliest form.

The new research, this modern card with a historical reconstruction of their presumed malaria peak, compared to 1900, and measured changes in the disease risk since that time. Although it is well known that malaria has out of many areas where endemic it fallen declined as the United States of America and much of Europe, the researchers were able to measure for the first time, the extent of the recession and to show that even in tropical areas the intensity of transmission decreased substantially in this century.

The GenIMS study was supported by the the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences, Glaxo Smith Kline and Diagnostic Products Corporation finances.

The results are Journal of Human Genetics Journal of Human Genetics. , The of Blood and a PDN tests Age Concern by Age Concern and Help the Aged as a part of of the disconnected Mind Project This project is supported on of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research , the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research , Economic and Social Research Council and the Medical Research Council financed.