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To increase patient safety in clinical practice and minimize the risks and damages that may occur during surgery, computer storage media and digital medical imaging technologies are key. Before surgery to the brain, neurosurgeons can now assess the specific risks for surgical patients, for greater safety and to avoid unacceptable risks.

The course of the nerve pathways in the brain and functional areas that connect can now be explored by visitors to the ‘New Directions in Medicine’ exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft exposure. The ship is reversed course until September 29, 2011 in 35 different cities and docks. During the ”Year of Health Research’, visitors can learn about the latest industry trends, developments and research results. The exhibition presents a three-dimensional physical model of the brain produced by a printing process based on image data of innovative health of a real person. This model of the brain can be touched and seen from different angles, thanks to its rotation. neural pathways can be activated by touching sensors on the physical model that correspond to the functional areas of the brain. The brain is displayed on a screen with the activated neural pathways that are responsible, for example, sight, speech, emotion and movement. This new form of the interactive exhibition was developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS in Bremen with the Universum Science Center Bremen to show how the image processing combined with modern mathematics and intelligent software can help make neurosurgery more predictable and safe. Three-dimensional printing of the brain was produced by the Fraunhofer Institute in Kaiserslautern ITWM.