Len Lichtenfeld is deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.

Len Lichtenfeld is deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society. You may obtain the full blog by clicking here.The American Cancer Society and others say CTC effective testing and should be on by trained doctors and centers available. Others see the same data, and the conclusion of the test is not time time, require further study. Still others say these these studies, while the access to CTC with appropriate quality controls, but there is no money to do the studies.

Assure insure well, 60 % to 70 % of people with this new virtual test shielded so that a problem a problem and do not need to go on routine colonoscopy.. I can not get from the public health or public policy perspective, it is no better than thought. But first we have Medicare help to get it done.It is my opinion and that of my colleagues here at the American Cancer Society that CTC could help reduce the disability and death from this disease.The guidance also recommend that the majority of patients after successful thrombolysis routine for angiographic, a technique which the condition of of the coronary vessels and heart muscle can be judged and long-term risks and treatments are referred determine.

An ambulance is also critical to improve survival rate – to fast transmission, defibrillation when necessary, diagnosis by ECG, earlier thrombolysis therapy if needed, and soon alarming to hospital. To guidelines recommend that an ambulance car be within 15 minutes of a phone call available and all the should hold 12 – lead ECG. Also recommended is is that the methods by basic life support techniques should be part of the curriculum.