Lead Risk lurking Spice Rack

Children may be exposed to these products in utero, through inhalation or absorption.The researchers say that these Indian spices and powders ceremony are also available for purchase on the Internet. These results suggest the lead content of these products pose a risk to public health and warrant further testing.

On average, imported spices contained twice the amount of lead found in the marks of the United States. The researchers say that some dust ceremony had already been banned or recalled by the FDA, but they were still available for sale contained more than 50 percent lead.

‘Although the powders are not intended for consumption, we believe that children may inadvertently be exposed to hand-to-mouth transfer of powders for topical or from the hands of parents who deal with dust and preparing food for consumption by the child ‘the researchers write Christian Gurgel Lin, MD, PhD, General Hospital for Children in Boston, and colleagues in Pediatrics.

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The case prompted the researchers to analyze the spices imported 86 and 71 ceremonial powders available in stores in the Boston area. The results showed 22 of 86 spices and food products and 46 of the 71 ceremonial powders contained detectable levels of lead.

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In all four cases of lead poisoning in detail in the report, all children had improved levels of lead in their blood after receiving the treatment and / or their parents stopped using spices or powders.