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Late stage development $ 1.5 trillion Advance Market Commitment for pneumococcal vaccinesGlaxoSmithKline praised the governments of Canada, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom and the World Bank to establish the agreement a pilot Advance Market Commitment to purchase and distribute new pneumococcal vaccines for the poorest children. This innovative financing mechanism is a big step forward and has the potential to save millions of lives, said Jean St phenne, President of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, the Global Vaccine Division of GlaxoSmithKline? It is the stage for a win-win situation for the donor countries for vaccine manufacturers and especially for the children of the world , he added.

The governments of Canada, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, together with the World Bank , have agreed to a U.S. $ 1.5 billion pilot Advance Market Commitment to promote the development of new pneumococcal vaccines stimulate the poorest countries in the world.The Memory Impairment Study was carried out nationwide in 69 locations it are 769 participant dealt in MCI who observed for 3 years and tested on AD in 6 – monthly intervals throughout their 36 months of studies The median age of participants. Were the 73rd.