LASIK patients also report less pain after surgery than PRK patients priligy does it work.

LASIK patients also report less pain after surgery than PRK patients, although uncomfortable during uncomfortable during the actual surgery, the researchers found. Schortt says patients might side effects associated with LASIK, but none of the individual studies included in the report was a significant[vision] advantage for both the treatment, he said. – There are cases would be for both procedures where LASIK would be best for one patient and PRK best for another patient, said Melissa Bailey, in a set priligy does it work . Eyes some of their visual acuity with PRK compared to six months after surgery LASIK to lose. Lost vision after PRK may be partly due to corneal haze of inflammation caused by the production process, the critics say. The risk significant haze after PRK is an important difference between these procedures, Schortt said, although he, that none of the studies it reviewed was the use of an anti – scar drug called mitomycin C, which has been used notes successfully to get back on postoperative eye haze. Although Schortt and Allan said their conclusions are not new and are in line with current practice, they believe that patients should still know how to compare the process. A practicing LASIK and PRK both LASIK and PRK with his patients. – I think patients and doctors prefer LASIK PRK because it has a shorter and less painful recovery time, said Bailey. These interventions are performed on healthy eyes and the vast majority of the patients are younger than 60 years old, said Schortt noting .hat patients can still choose more conservative options such as glasses and contact lens to treat myopia. It is important that patients are informed of and understand the effectiveness, limitations, safety, complications and relative merits of these procedures, he said – .

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