Kolls and his co-authors significant significant evidence.

While some proposed suggested to distinguish the potential for bone marrow stem cells in airway epithelial cells, Dr. Kolls and his co-authors significant significant evidence. Using a method they developed and recognized, in PNAS, stem cells taken from normal subjects and in a culture differentiated with mature epithelial cells for 14 days in the specialized cells, their shape and displaying their characteristic protein markers.

The study showed that women with BRCA2 mutations also reduces of breast cancer of breast cancer by 72 %, while those with BRCA1 mutations reduced their risk of breast cancer by 39 %. Why differentiate between the results of the procedure in BRCA1 carriers and BRCA2 carriers is ‘a question that we are currently investigating and hope ‘to answer in future studies, said Dr.‘What is an exciting to the evolution of to identify them genes, ‘Siepel said. ‘of evolution has done this experiment for millions of years ago. The computer will is our microscope is necessary to observe the results. ‘.. More than 20,000 protein-coding genes have been identified , so the Cornell started significantly while not dramatically change and number of known genes. What important , the researchers say that her discovery shows that there are still nor more genes that more genes that been overlooked with current biological methods. Those methods are very effective in looking for genes expressed widely, however can missing those which expressed only in certain tissues or in early stages of embryonic development, Siepel said.