Jonathan Khouzam.

Marshall and the Montreal team will compete keenly against US and Australian groups at the International BioGENEius Challenge in Washington, DC, June 27, held in conjunction with the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s Annual International Convention. The other top prizes were collected by: 3rd place : Shannon Watson, 18, a Grade 12 student at Ottawa’s Cantebury SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, who identified bacterias in a pro-biotic fermented milk item from Zambia that inhibit the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria; 4th place : Yasamin Mahjoub, 16, a Grade 11 student at Sir Winston Churchill SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Calgary, who showed that hormones made by pregnant women shield neurons from the effects of iron accumulation in the mind, suggesting a new type of inquiry into the treatment and factors behind multiple sclerosis; and 5th place : Siyuan Cheng, 14, a Grade 9 pupil at Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, who mixed the standard medications for leukaemia with a lung malignancy drug to greatly raise the numbers of leukemia cells being killed.Because even just a 2 % reduction in opioid volume results in thousands of fewer supplements dispensed monthly. Opioid-based painkillers include hydrocodone and oxycodone . Alexander and his co-workers outline their findings in the Aug. 17 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. Though Florida is hardly the just state in the nation grappling with prescription narcotic abuse, the analysis team noted that it is becoming the epicenter of this epidemic. For example, fatalities among Floridians resulting from prescription medication overdoses skyrocketed by a lot more than 80 % between 2003 and 2009. And of the 100 American doctors cited for purchasing the highest levels of the opioid oxycodone this year 2010, 90 were based in Florida, according to the scholarly study.