Johnson & Johnson cuts the maximum dose of Tylenol to prevent overdose

Kuffner noticed many people taking drugs many do not realize some of them contain acetaminophen, or can not read or follow the dosage instructions.The authors recommend further research and professional regulations and guidelines to clarify the involvement of nurses in euthanasia and other end-of-life practices.

– Johnson & Johnson said Thursday that the reduction of the maximum daily dose of Tylenol pain reliever more force to reduce the risk of accidental overdose of acetaminophen, the active ingredient and the leading cause of liver failure.

Excessive use of acetaminophen can cause liver damage and is charged with about 200 cases of overdoses of paracetamol overdoses each year in the United States sent 56,000 people to the emergency room each year.

Paracetamol is safe if used as directed, Dr. Edwin Kuffner, chief of medical affairs McNeil over-the-counter, said in a statement. McNeil is the revision of its labels for products containing acetaminophen in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of an accidental overdose.

McNeil, a spokeswoman Bonnie Jacobs said other manufacturers of analgesics are likely to follow suit. He said the change is not related to the series of 25 recalls in the last 23 months tens of millions of bottles of Tylenol and other OTC, many prescription drugs and other products from Johnson & Johnson.

Two years ago, a group of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration has called for extensive restrictions in order to avoid accidental overdose of acetaminophen, the most popular painkiller in the country.