Interaction of alcohol and antidepressants

The alcohol is a drug that depresses the central nervous system. As all the drugs, the alcohol can interact with a wide gamma of composed. Many medicines can change the metabolism (breakdown) or alcohol effects, and vice versa. Some of these interactions can happen also at levels of moderate consumption and cause collateral effects for the drinker.

Two types of interactions alcohol – medicine exist: the interactions in which the alcohol interferes with the metabolism of the medicine in the liver, and the interactions in which the alcohol increases the effects of the medicine, particularly in the central nervous system (for example, sedazione). Numerous types of medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) able to there interact with the alcohol, between whose antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, the opponents of the recettore H2 of the istamina, slackening muscular, not narcotic analgesics and antinfiammatori, oppioidi, and blood dissolving.

All the antidepressants cause several sedazione levels and interact with the alcohol in the next manners:

  • Antidepressants triciclici cause the greatest sedazione. The alcohol increases these effects and can cause an increase of the levels of drug in the body. In his turn, he can lead high TCA levels to convulsions and troubles of the cardiac rhythm.
  • The SSRI are much less sedative compared to the TCA and to have the best outline of certainty of all the antidepressants. The SSRI are not much less sedative compared to the TCA and to have the best outline of certainty of all the antidepressants. No significant interactions look to happen when these medicines are combined with moderate quantities of alcohol.
  • The persons who assume inhibitors MAO can verify important collateral effects to themselves if combined with the alcohol. MAO inibitori can cause the dangerously high sanguineous pressure, if consumed with tiramina, that is in the beer and red wine.
  • It can cause atypical antidepressants sedazione greater if combined with the alcohol.

Alcohol use during the antidepressants acceptance is discouraged by all the producers of the medicines. Besides, the alcohol is well-known to cause or to worsen the depression and must be avoided generally during antidepressants. The recurrent use of also least quantities of alcohol (for example a glass in the day) has demonstrated of reducing the potential of benefits of the antidepressants. If you choose to drink alcoholic during the antidepressants acceptance, it is necessary to use extreme caution.

Even if many persons drink alcohol while on the medicines, the greatest part you study of evaluation of the interactions they concentrate on the effects of the chronicle heavy drink. Somewhat itself knows about the interactions medicine resulting from the moderate consumption of alcohol (for example, one or two glasses in the day).

In general, the alcohol and the drug do not get mixed. And it dates the complexity of the interactions between alcohol and numerous medicines, it is difficult to recommend a level of consumption of alcohol that can be considered sure during the antidepressants acceptance.