Including zinc.

Able totreatment of pain in patients with sickle cell diseaseA University of Minnesota Medical School research team led by Kalpna Gupta, has discovered that cannibinoids a novel approach to both acute and chronic pain by sickle cell anemia cialis 20mg tablets .

Using a mouse model of SCD, Gupta and University of Minnesota colleagues studied the pain mechanisms by observing animals that exhibited both musculoskeletal pain and temperature sensitivity, symptoms similarly experienced by people with SCD. The team compared two classifications of drugs in their ability to manage pain sensed by the animals, the traditionally prescribed classification of drugs, opioids. With a novel therapeutic approach, cannabinoids, a synthetic compound to marijuana derivatives Currently, the only approved treatment for the management of severe pain in SCD opioids.

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Secondary analytical of data from the same clinical trial showed a high proportion of inhabitants were low serum zinc concentrations beginning and after one year follow-up. All participants had been supplemented having at half the recommended daily dose of essential vitamins and mineral, including zinc, during the trial.

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