In Vienna in Vienna today under the auspices of the IAEA and the the industry extenze consumer reviews.

In an interview with 400 international radiotherapy specialists from 96 countries and 22 representatives from the radiotherapy equipment industry, Burkart gave the challenge at the opening the International Conference on Advances in Radiation Therapy, in Vienna in Vienna today under the auspices of the IAEA and the the industry extenze consumer reviews .

The three-day conference, which included representatives of 24 international organizations, which is how the fight against cancer, including the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer , the practitioners and policy makers the range of cancer therapy with the opportunity to share experiences and examine new and old technologies Radiation Oncology. ‘New technology advances – better ways to diagnosing and treating patients,’said Werner Burkart. But the acquisition of new technology both in terms of both in terms of the acquisition and improvement of infrastructure and the human resource development. ‘Without the private sector and its massive investments in this area, it would not be possible,’he said.

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