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In the short run, but says Moller plans his team, use the results of the study to diagnostic tests that could better predict which people with the disease probably on their own healing or more likely to suffer persistent inflammation create what can cause scarring, shortness of breath and heart failure by only be fixed by lung transplantation.

Key among the researchers’ findings in sarcoidosis patients was that serum amyloid A stood because it focuses heavily within the granulomas in diseased and scarred lung tissue. Researchers found the protein has a hundred to a thousand times more widespread sarcoidosis tissue samples than in samples from people with tuberculosis, another granuloma-forming lung disease. Triggering. Amyloid levels were seen in comparative experiments with tissue samples from patients with lung cancer, and Crohn’s disease.

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Xiawei Zhuang, Ph.D., and Xiaoliang S. Xie, Ph.D., Harvard University, Boston

Circuits of DNA for Point-of-Care Diagnosis: To determine if the circuits of the DNA can be used to generate low-cost diagnostic resources are limited and the point-of-care applications.