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In the meantime, a new NBC News poll – conducted over the weekend zithromax . Many ‘believe many, Obama’s health care plan would be the quality of health care, a result that is virtually unchanged from the previous month’s NBC / Wall Street Journal poll worsen What authorize more, only four in 10 of the President deal with the issue , the ‘reported NBC News. ‘also unchanged in July and a majority – 54 % – is more concerned that the government is going too far in reforming the nation’s health care system, while 41 % is concerned that the reform does not do enough to to reduce costs and cover the uninsured. Percent thinks the lack of support is due in part to’believe misconceptions ‘about Obama’s health care plan. ‘Majorities in the the plans would be health insurance to give would lead to a would lead to a government takeover of health care, and women taxpayers’ money to pay for women to have abortions – all claims that nonpartisan fact – checkers say are untrue about the legislation, which previously came by Congress. Forty-five % think the reform proposals would allow the government, decisions about when to stop providing medical care for the elderly ‘, the ‘make also untrue. ‘In addition, ’43 % say they favor a public option, compared to 47 % who oppose it. This is a shift from last month NBC / Journal poll 46 % said they secured and 44 % were against it ‘(Murray.

‘. Robert Wood Johnson Robert Wood Johnson survey does not specifically whether persons or supports oppose Mr. Obama’s health care reform agenda, ‘but it shows ‘palpable worries about the status quo , it carries other surveys, including Marist, that show. The the U.S. Health care system should be changed, even if they have doubts about the direction of Mr. Obama and his Democrats ‘.

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