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Edwin work SRS2 and Rad51 will allow us, to develop develop a test to screen for agents that extend or replace the interference with DNA repair. .. The research team is now trying SRS2 SRS2 homologue in human cells and study its structure in combination with Rad51. This is a rational approach to understanding how cells with DNA damage and how some tumors evade can handle cancer therapeutics, they say. In the long term, my laboratory for drug-like molecules interactions interactions are looking, Ellenberger says.

Using yeast cells, the scientists studied protein molecules that play an important role in homologous recombination one way that one way that cells repair the DNA double helix. In yeast, the process is similar to that of humans and other organisms.Resources:Over the author Paula Rothenstein is a freelance writer and certification comprehensive health coach works in the field of natural health and health liberty advocacy. A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition she has won insight into the political natural of food, cure a drug-addicted health sector and the uniqueness of individual health. For additional information.

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