In the February print issue of Nature Genetics A report on this discovery can look.

The joint acquiring of the SCA5 mutation comes over a decade after initial speculation that Lincoln might have suffered from Marfan disease. People who have this inherited disorder are often tall and thin and may commonly have slender, tapering fingers. The identification of the Marfan gene at Hopkins sparked debate concerning tests of President Lincoln’s DNA to determine whether his high stature could have been due to that disease. The present discovery in Lincoln’s descendants of the gene that causes a movement disorder known as spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 , however, appears to offer much stronger evidence that days gone by president himself may have had SCA5, relating to Jeffrey D.‘Patients do need to discuss with their doctors and their oncologists not only what traditional medicines they are taking, but choice vitamins and medications they’re consuming,’ he said. ‘It’s important for the care team to know.’.

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