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In previous studies , the team found that mice developed to a protein deficiency Lyn kinase had exaggerated responses to allergens in early life and developed a lupus nephritis-like disease in later life called. This was determined by monitoring the increase of immunoglobulin E responses to normally harmless substances lexapro without prescription . The new study, published online in Nature Medicine, shows for the first time, in this mouse model, as basophils contribute endorsed by self – reactive IgE antibodies enabled could lead to kidney damage in SLE. In healthy controls. The team showed that self – reactive IgE on the surface of basophils, causing them home to the mouse spleen and lymph nodes, where they promoted a cascade of cellular events that enhanced the production of more self – reactive antibodies. These antibodies are already known to cause kidney damage by binding with other proteins to form immune complexes that form deposited in the kidneys. Here she led inflammation, damage and progressive loss of kidney function.

One such possible treatment, the asthma medication Xolair is already on the market. It blocks IgE binding to the surface and possible activation of basophilic cells, which may prevent from basophils promotion nephritis. The NIH team is currently planning a study on the safety of omalizumab in people with SLE. ‘We are excited about the potential of these findings in the treatment of lupus Obviously whether omalizumab treatment or other strategies for basophil in lupus reduce effectively remains to be seen to prove, however, opens this work new avenues of research in lupus, and at least we have an understanding of how autoantibody production ‘gained improved in the disease, said Juan Rivera,. The study’s senior author and deputy scientific director at the National Institute of Arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin Diseases , the NIH institute that conducted the study is available.the effort by by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is available.

One of them, factor IX Fc fusion protein (rFIXFc) for hemophilia B, is scheduled to complete the Phase III clinical trials by early 2012 and be submitted for approval by the FDA.

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In early 2008, Biogen Idec filed an application to begin clinical trials for the treatment of hemophilia B. rFIXFc


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