In every settings where it is practiced in the United States.

Honorees attended this program, entitled Improving Quality and Basic safety in Your Endoscopy Unit. Upon completion of the program, systems receive an ASGE Certificate of Recognition for advertising quality in endoscopy which is normally valid for three years, providing the machine remains accredited and complies with all scheduled program criteria. This symbol could be displayed to allow patients and referring physicians know that the endoscopy device is dedicated to delivering high-quality endoscopic treatment and has received specialized training around these concepts.Taub and Chabot consider her to be in the 43 percent of those who will survive after completing the 2nd stage clinical trial. Six months since she finished the protocol, Bonnie says she feels 100 percent much better than she did a year ago. In April of 2003 she returned to her position as a middle school librarian and you will be working again frequently this fall. ‘It feels so excellent to be back again to work because I really like what I do,’ Bonnie says. ‘I like to multi-task, I enjoy teach, not to mention, I love research.’ Later this fall she actually is looking forwards to returning to the other issue she loves to do: ride her quarter equine, T.J.