If not really treated and in time properly.

Stress in itself is a harmful aspect and it gets even worse when it leads to more serious ailments like hypertension, diabetes, anxiety etc. If not really treated and in time properly, stress can hamper the life span of a person seriously. A person coping with excessive stress is unable to accomplish the regular tasks of daily life even. However depression is a significant problem as well and can equally mar the quality of life of a person. In fact extreme depression may lead a person to violence towards others or the self also. It is extremely common for severely depressed people to become suicidal, which is why it’s important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Usually people opt for modern ways of treatment like psychotherapy to deal with the problems of stress and melancholy.Survival analysis was performed by fitting a different Cox regression model for every of the three variables of interest: circulating tumor DNA, circulating tumor cells, and CA 15-3. Each model was constructed with the use of the counting process notation ,27 in a way that for each right time period, the time of the check out was used as the beginning, and the date before the following visit was regarded the finish. The predictors had been modeled as time-dependent covariates that use splines to take into account nonlinear romantic relationships. Estimated survival curves had been produced for different ideals of the covariates at the 1st go to.