Higher-Protein Diet May Help Some With Type 2 Diabetes: TUESDAY.

And differences in supplement D-related genes demonstrated no impact on people’s weight loss overall. Genes did seem to matter, however, when it found improvements in insulin, Qi said. The gene that stood out is known as DHCR7, and it can help your body synthesize vitamin D, the researchers said. Most of the study participants acquired at least one duplicate of the ‘T’ variant of that gene – – which boosts blood levels of vitamin D, the scholarly study revealed.The 6 Weeks to Longevity will concentrate on: Week 1 Live Longer, Better – Presenting Blue Zones and the Vitality Compass Week 2 Creating Your Longevity Circle – Creating and enhancing your social networks Week 3 Rethinking How You Eat – Making food options that will extend your longevity Week 4 Mindless Moving – Build exercise and movement into your everyday existence Week 5 Obtaining Purpose – Identifying your life’s purpose may also lengthen it Week 6 Producing Your Community Much healthier – Changing your community’s walkability, bikeability and food options can encourage great behaviors Improving health isn’t just about what we eat and how much we move. stated Dan Buettner, founder of Blue Zones.