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Crane, Doctoral College student at Indiana University School of Nursing, earned this award for her article, ‘Blinatumomab: Nursing Challenges for Kids with ALL’ in the Fall 2013 concern. Patricia Green Leadership Award The Dr. Patricia Green Leadership Award is certainly provided to an APHON member who provides demonstrated excellence in service to and leadership of APHON in confirmed 12 months. Lafond, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Coordinator at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC, is a member since 1990, is the Chair of the Evidence Based Practice and Analysis Committee and has authored several publications and presentations since 1990. ‘This humble leader epitomizes the example of Trish Greene and the value of developing the leadership potential of others. McEachen, Clinical Nurse IV at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, offers been an APHON member since 2010 and demonstrates strong leadership compassion and skills.They mentioned that the offspring from these rats had higher degrees of hormones, that could affect what sort of body breaks food down negatively. Dr Sloboda stated that although only 10 days old, the rats’ livers seemed to convert the fructose into fat. This led to a high focus of insulin and impairment of liver function. High levels of insulin are linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity. Too much fructose offers been blamed as a contributor to the weight problems epidemic, because unlike glucose, the physical body will not detect when it has taken enough. Dr Sloboda said the effects of high-fat diet programs on offspring had been studied in detail, but hardly any was known in regards to a high sugar intake. Most severe was that the rats bodies didn’t display signs of excessive fructose intake.