Healthcare Commission recommendations in April 2005.

Healthcare Commission recommendations in April 2005, when specific concerns are addressed.

The new study involved 320 women at Parkland Memorial Hospital giving birth giving birth for the first time, had uncomplicated pregnancies and did not receive epidural anesthesia. They were random, with both groups of rather nurse-midwives. Groups of groups of 163 coach for 10 seconds were pushing during a contraction, and said 157, do what comes naturally. .

push first void small bladder capacity and a reduced – the volume at which a woman wanted to urine. Over time, the bladder function to normalize. Whether these functional changes have long-term consequences, I am not willing to say, said Dr. Kenneth Leveno, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and senior author of both studies. We do not want to patients about that alarm. .. Of the 320 women in the study, 128 returned for testing three months later, the trained women, researchers reported.Provided by This information will in compliance to the Swedish Securities Markets Act.

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