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AMP views this survey as a proactive approach for policymakers to protect all individuals from restricting patents and licensing procedures. Related StoriesCancer DNA in patient's bloodstream may help deliver personalized treatment for liver cancerDNA assessment for Down's syndrome could potentially save lives of unborn babiesNuclear membrane fixes potentially fatal breaks in DNA strandsAMP commends the SACGHS when planning on taking a strong stance against business procedures that harm patients, restrict development and reduce access to life saving testing.Regular participation of the patient and family in such programs may be the key to improve the patient’s health. The neurological rehabilitation program fundamentally helps the individual to wthhold the maximum functionality and independence. It also improves the entire quality of the patient’s life – – physically, emotionally, and socially. In order to reach the required goals, these programs may include the next things: * Actions that helps the individual in gaining concentrate, attention, memory space, and poor judgment * Actions to boost cognitive impairments * Actions which helps in enhancing flexibility, muscle control and stability * Anger management * Assist the patient in daily actions such as for example eating, dressing, cooking food, bathing and fundamental housekeeping * Bladder teaching * Encourage the individual to take part in group activities * Workout programs to improve the physical health of the individual * Nutritional counseling * Pain administration * Patient and family members education and counseling * Security and independence procedures and home care requirements * Social and behavioral skills counseling * Speech therapy assists the sufferers in speaking and reading * Stress and depression administration helps the individual in relaxing * Stress administration and emotional support * Teach the patient to use the devices that promote independence * Vocational counseling There are various neuro rehabilitation centers where patients are given treatment or diagnosis in order to make them wellness.