Headquartered in Mumbai.

About Lupin, headquartered in Mumbai, Lupin Ltd. Is a leading pharmaceutical company with a strong research focus. It has a program for developing New Chemical Entities. The company has a state-of-the-art R & D center in Pune. The Company is a leading global player in Anti – TB, forward-looking statementsins and cardiovascular drugs and NSAIDs has a remarkable presence in the fields of diabetology, and asthma.

For the six months ended September 2006, the Company’s revenue and profit after tax Rs 917 million euros and Rs 090 million . Please visit for more information about Lupin Ltd.According to the Journal, some experts saying to the new techniques too fast and that the safety of method can not be shown. Some doctors said fatty may calcified and disrupt mammogram. To procedures can also increase the risk of breast cancer in some women, because fatty tissue containing Oestrogen and some anti-cancer drugs inhibit production of estrogen in postmenopausal women, which Journal reports. Though FDA unregulated made procedures the Agency said ‘biological product of ‘of ‘fat augmented by stem ‘could Regulation is required.

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