Gut hormones New design and bowel function highlights obesity

The researchers found that the %age of normal slow waves was reduced with lean meat in the soup group, but not in obese women. The power of slow waves of the stomach was not changed with the soup in lean protein, but increased in obese individuals.Research examining the role of hormones and autonomic functions of the digestive system was presented at the 75 th annual scientific meeting of the American Gastroenterology CoIlege.

The obese showed a complete absence of normal autonomic responses after eating. ‘Usually after a meal in lean subjects, increases in cardiac sympathetic activity and cardiac vagal activity decreases,’ said Dr. Chen. The autonomic nervous system sends information about GI meal, such as distension and mechanical stimulation by using chemical nutrients to the brain. If the response of the autonomic nervous system in food intake is altered or modified, the brain can not be fully aware of food intake, which can lead to overeating, ‘said Dr. Chen.

According to Dr. Chen, ‘Obese patients are more prone to fatty meal. The stomach of lean subjects are ‘sick’ with the broth, while the stomach of obese individuals is well soup with fat. ‘

‘We know there is an inverse relationship between obestatin and body mass index,’ says James Michael Estep, Ph.D., author of the study. In this study loss, weight gain in patients after bariatric surgery was faster during the first three months and also for the first 24 months and a basic level of obestatin measured just before surgery was strongly associated with the rate weight loss after surgery

The expected results of the session of the Committee include a better understanding of the state of the Intergovernmental Convention and its implementation and promotion of best practices in disability-inclusive development. The session of the Committee may also point the way to the road beyond the end of the second decade of the Asia and Pacific people with disabilities in 2012.

Investigators of the health care system run by Inova Zobair Younossi, MD, FACG, assessed the relationship between weight loss after bariatric surgery and circulating hormones, ‘Baseline Serum Obestatin In correlation with the rate of weight loss after bariatric surgery.’ Among the 35 patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the rate of weight loss was correlated with only one circulating hormone, obestatin, a peptide produced in the gut may play a role in suppressing appetite.

‘Our results indicate that obestatin is certainly worth further study promising in a larger cohort as an indicator of the effectiveness of bariatric surgery, particularly in the first year,’ concluded Dr.