Government Advisers: No copay for contraceptives

Contraception is not only prevent pregnancy – can contribute to a more healthy for a pregnant woman, the spacing after a certain distance, usually 18 months to two years. Close research ties births at risk for problems such as prematurity, low birth weight, even autism.Sebelius called the recommendations ‘historic’ and said they are based on science. ‘I appreciate the hard work and thoughtful analysis that went into this relationship,’ he said.

We do not know how it will be easy to take advantage of the no-copay at the doctor’s office. Consider: A woman sees a doctor for pain in his side – the need to pay the fee – but during the same visit, given the delay of screening for cervical cancer.

Even if the services are free of any additional burden on patients, someone has to pay. The cost is likely to spread among the others with health insurance, resulting in slightly higher premiums.

‘We are a step closer to saying goodbye to a time when simply being a woman has been treated as a pre-existing condition,’ said Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-MD., Which has sponsored the Change of women’s health .

Using birth control is ‘almost universal’ in the United States, according to a government report last year. Generic versions of the pill are available for a minimum of $ 9 per month in the large chain pharmacies.

Half a century after the introduction of the contraceptive pill, the panel’s recommendations can help to usher in a new revolution. Medical experts say easier access could begin a transition to more reliable forms of birth control long-acting, such as the IUD or implants, which are more accepted in other economically developed countries.

Consulting-annual sexually transmitted infections in sexually active women.

-Support for breastfeeding mothers, including the cost of pumps for rent.

‘Unintended consequences of pregnancy for the mother’s health – psychological, emotional and physical – and the consequences for the baby,’ said Linda Rosenstock, dean of the panel and president of public health at the University of California at Los Angeles. ‘The overwhelming evidence is strongly in favor of the provision of health’ of contraception.

However, a battle of social mores is still likely. Catholic bishops and other religious and social conservatives say pregnancy is a healthy state and the government should not require insurance coverage of drugs and other methods to prevent it.

The detection of the virus that causes cervical cancer for women aged 30 years, no more frequently than every three years. Regarding the control of gestational diabetes, should come to the first prenatal visit for women at high risk, and between 24 and 28 weeks for all others.

– Millions of women to gain free access to an extensive menu of methods of birth control, thanks to a recommendation made Tuesday by health experts to advise the government.

Short repealing the law under health care, we do not know what your opponents can do to block the recommendations. A final decision by the Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary is scheduled for August 1.

Health care President Barack Obama’s law already requires most health plans to provide a level of preventive care for both sexes, free of charge to patients. Health recommendations for women were seen as a new territory and politically sensitive, so that the non-partisan institute was asked to consider the question.

The Institute advises the Government on complex issues related to medical science and health care policy.