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Vulnerability of a person to nicotine addiction seems to have a genetic basis, at least in part. A region of the midbrain called the habenula (Latin: small reins) plays a key role in this process, as Dr. De’s Iba ez-Tallon and his team of Max Delbr ck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch The Germany, have now shown. They also shed light on the mechanism underlying the addiction to nicotine.

According to the WHO World Health Organization in Geneva, it is estimated that tobacco use kills more than five million people each year around the world. Many of them die of lung cancer. Two years ago, studies have shown that genetic variation in a gene cluster are risk factors specific to nicotine addiction and lung cancer, Dr. Iba ez-Tallon said. She and her team, in collaboration with researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France and the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, have clarified the mechanism underlying this dependence.

They studied a specific receptor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is activated by nicotine in smokers and is encoded by this gene specific group, composed of three subunits, three genes. Although this group of genes is present in the DNA of every cell, the receptor is expressed only in certain restricted areas of the brain. One of these is the habenula in the midbrain, Dr. Iba ez-Tallon said.

When Brunson able to determine the effectiveness of the materials, the next step is to raise awareness in the region. A treatment plant will require sustainable and requires the support of the community. On this aspect of the project, Brunson is to work with a group of students from the UO Center for the creation of economic wealth to develop and implement a business model for technology and bone black. Model Integration in Ethiopian communities will help ensure the success of the project.