Garlic is a small advantage for the fleeting high cholesterol

But only for patients with mild elevations of cholesterol and changes in lifestyle considered as a first step in an anti-cholesterol, the garlic can be a useful aid and can serve as a reminder of the need to look at his food, he said.Ackermann has said he and other researchers at the Center of the University of Texas Health Science at San Antonio, the information collected from all published studies of garlic and – after discarding those that have done evil – is with 43 studies that have analyzed the effect of garlic on cholesterol. He discussed his study at the meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine here.

In addition, the modest reduction seen in three months does not seem to last in the long run, given that these studies have reported in six months to demonstrate the use of garlic, an average decline of only 1.2 milligrams per deciliter.

The paste of potatoes, garlic, salt is often the choice in those days. But if you try some of the garlic supplements as a remedy for natural , you should probably think again, said Ron Ackerman, MD.

In the short term, the garlic can lower cholesterol, he said. But its effect is minimal and tends to fade over time, can be dissolved before you get used to the smell that comes with revealing use garlic regularly.

They need a coating that protects the pill and take the small intestine, says Ackermann. Unfortunately, most coatings work so well that the pill is not always completely dissolved and then its full effects can never be known.

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High cholesterol levels contribute to the accumulation of fat that clogs the arteries of the heart or cut off the supply of blood to the brain. Most physicians consider treatment when they get up above 200 milligrams per deciliter.

Lim.In reviewing the current data with new eyes, Lim and Loh were able to offer a new paradigm that could solve the mystery of 30 years behind pluripotency.

He says there are several reasons for the effect of garlic may be limited. People who take supplements of garlic, or who volunteer for studies of the effects of garlic on cholesterol levels are probably looking for a way to change their lifestyle and make healthy.

He says that the studies included in the analysis does not include enough information about these changes in lifestyle to dismiss them as a factor in lowering cholesterol.