The study the Centre for the Center for Research in the implementation of innovative strategies at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

– ‘While specialization appears to be an important indicator of the quality, it is only one factor that may examine the patient, together with other important factors, such as near the hospital to the home,’added Hagen.. ‘The results suggest that more specialized hospitals have better outcomes , even if we for the types of patients cared for each hospital the number of the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries that each hospital performs,’said the study lead author Tyson Hagen, another in rheumatology at the UI Roy J.‘Furthermore, BMA is worried, that these closures will out of of dedicated and experienced employees BMA demands consultation between Owners and all the trade union, such transfer arrangements.

Additionre. Medical Association Statement on the closure of A & E. For Whiteabbey and Mid Ulster hospitals.

BMA be extremely concerned by the extremely short notice period on withdrawing those services, especially accident & emergency supply from Mid Ulster and Whiteabbey hospitals concerned.