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These technologies are now being used the long-standing the long-standing compliance issue. Only about a third of the drugs are taken as intended, and this problem has taken on new urgency in the face of cost pressures on health care systems and trends such as aging, multiple medication and chronic disease management.

Kornev presented his work at the 62nd Annual Meeting (APS) Division of the American Physical Society Fluid Dynamics November 22 to 24 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Both Gumbs and Frieder said they were lucky quell morning sickness in some women who use drugs.

A butterfly proboscis resembles a straw – long, thin, and used to enjoy – but it works more like a paper towel, according to Konstantin Kornev of Clemson University. He hopes to borrow the tricks of this piece of anatomy of small insects probes that can sample the fluid inside the cells.

Presentation: proboscis like a butterfly biomicrofluidic system by Konstantin Kornev at Clemson University.

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