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It ‘was perhaps appropriate that this study was conducted at the MHI, since the prevention of heart disease is one of the cornerstones of its mission. Dr. Martin Juneau, Prevention Director at the MHI, views its findings as an incentive to act. Since parents serve as role models for their children, it is essential that we ask them to be more active, so that family members do the same. Some of our patients to change lifestyle and choose to put the health at the center of their lives. The cardiac rehabilitation program at the MCI Center of Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity – also called the PIC Center – has been designed specifically to help patients to incorporate exercise in their daily lives, says Dr. Juneau .

The team of researchers associated with social networks and physical exercise in coronary artery disease patients studied wanted to have a clearer picture of the factors that explains why the majority of heart patients do not succeed in following a plan year, although its benefits are widely known. Two major unexpected conclusions were drawn from this study: one, that living with someone, for example a spouse, has no impact on participation in physical activity, and two, who live with their children has a negative influence on the ability of a parent to exercise.

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