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A of the enduring myths was selling on the link between stress and most of the ills that affect us in our lives in modern high power.nThis is a major industry built on calm us and help us to to relax.nIt did not matter you come across, there is always someone trying to separate you from your money propecia 1mg read more .nThere may be books and self-improvement courses, sometimes dabbling in the philosophies and the introduction of activities like yoga. Shock are spa for men . And beer. Or anti-anxiety drugs. NYou bet you left in your bank account that someone somewhere has just the thing to make you feel betternabout the financial fight to keep a roof over your head, fear of unemployment, and any other side effectsnof one of the worst recessions we have ever seen in America.

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Oraya Therapeutics, Inc. announced today that a leading agency in Europe reportedly granted approval to designate the EC system for stereotactic radiotherapy Oraya IRayTM. Under development since 2007, iray is specifically designed to treat eye diseases, and the technology allows the precise delivery of low energy X-rays to treat wet age-related (AMD).

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The Institute has received four awards for projects totaling $ 18.8 million from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, to fund the study. The study also includes a section on smallpox, a deadly infectious disease eradicated worldwide, which remains a priority due to concerns about bioterrorism.


Alessandro Sette, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on the development of vaccines and director of the La Jolla Institute of Infectious Diseases, will lead the study, which focuses on the identification of epitopes – the pieces of a virus or germ that causes the system immune body to launch an attack. Epitopes are important for protective immunity and are essential for the development of new vaccines and more effective.

‘Commenting further, Taylor noted that ‘In conjunction with the strong growth of artificial price-controlled clinical trial, regulatory approval paves the way for commercialization of this innovative technology and exclusive Oraya. Kaiser was involved in designing the clinical protocol Oraya European remains active for a consultant company.