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– Medicare rebates that reflect manage manage the complexity and cost of medical care for nursing home residents; – financing and;clinical treatment areas, in nursing homes, so that doctors and nurses provide quality care to residents accordingly more nurses appointed in a nursing home. Said the AMA remains concerned about the capacity of nursing and subacute care facilities to meet the demand and quality care for the residents. – ‘Investing The government needs to more nursing and subacute to make sure we provide the level and quality of infrastructure and services to needs of an aging needs of an aging population.

President, Dr residents are not on medical care and health monitoring, AustraliaThe Department of Health and Ageing report on the operations of the Aged Care Act for 2008-09 indicates that nobody really monitoring medical care for residents in nursing homes.AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, said today that an unacceptable 26 % of the complaints to the Complaints Investigation Scheme refer concerns about the health and personal care of residents, including concerns about their clinical care. Pesce said that these findings agree with the ongoing analysis of the the AMA sanctioned reports on nursing homes, which shows that it. Inadequate systems for the provision of medical care and supervision of residents The AMA wants the government to introduce formal nursing home accreditation standard on access to medical care for all nursing home residents with proper monitoring of aged care homes to this standard, said Pesce. The AMA also called for:.

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Lead exposure in early childhood is known to affect brain development. Previous research has linked exposure to lead during childhood to a lower IQ. However, these studies have not shown that lead exposure is linked to behavioral problems, such as those that characterize ADHD. Get the Lead Out

‘The most common source of lead exposure is lead paint, which decays and contaminates house dust,’ Lanphear WebMD. Other sources include lead-glazed ceramics and cosmetics containing lead. Residences near highways may also have high levels of lead in air and dirt.

That said, there are steps parents can take to reduce children’s exposure to lead at home, Lanphear said. Test kits available on the market at home, available for about $ 10 each, can show whether a home contains dangerous levels of lead.

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