Explain explain the truth behind 11 Popular Eye MythsWhat it does is give you a headache at times.

‘squinting to suggest that you actually have a vision problem[ where the eye can not bend light correctly, which blurred vision – such as nearsightedness or farsightedness], and that is, how to get someone to a pair of glasses,’said Dr. Kenneth Chang, a comprehensive ophthalmologist at the Massachusetts eye and Ear Infirmary. ‘You can squint all you want,’said an ophthalmologist with the Pepose Vision Institute in St. Louis and a OnCall+ contributors.. Explain explain the truth behind 11 Popular Eye Myths’What it does is give you a headache at times, because it[ is] contraction of the muscles of the face,’said Rosen.Fact or Myth? Reading in poor light or reading too much small print eventually harm your vision.

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